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Wed Jul 25 17:21:52 CEST 2007

On 7/25/07, Andreas Kostyrka <andreas at> wrote:
> The average customer won't wait for the "few simple" web clicks, at least
> not on a device that has only a GPRS connection. The Nokia E61 browser has a
> nice KB counter and it's incredible how huge current web sites have gotten.
> (and there is only limited hope of improvement, as we want the websites to
> have the functionality, don't we).

Let's not forget the device also has wifi. Considering how slow gprs is,
more likely than not, the average consumer will be surfing the web on a wifi
connection... especially if they don't have unlimited gprs. Waiting for the
page to load becomes a non issue.

As has been mentioned a few times, the average user _does not_ want to know
every single thing going on with the community and will only be interested
in finding the information they need and moving on. Assuming the neo's
browser is as good as the symbian browser, navigating a forum on the neo
will be as painless as navigating a forum on a laptop.

A forum caters to the end users who will go cross eyed if you mention pop3
or imap. Yes, yes, there are no end users to think of yet, but better this
issue is resolved now than have this discussion in October. This ML is
filled with people with technical know-how. If all this bandwith that has
been wasted going back on forth on this issue had been shoveled into coming
up with a solution, I bet there would be an efficient way to communicate
between forum and ML by now.

Throwing in my 10 cents.
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