OK, the forum is coming..

Giles Jones giles.jones at zen.co.uk
Wed Jul 25 21:08:49 CEST 2007

On 25 Jul 2007, at 19:56, Jeff Andros wrote:

> WARNING: replies to multiple messages
> Richard said:
>  If they were interested in developing, they would follow the wiki  
> as it is the only source for finding development specs, cvs links,  
> walkthroughs, etc.
> Some of us are waiting for hardware... don't get me wrong, you can  
> do a lot with an emulator, I've just been bitten more than enough  
> times by "it worked in sim".  I can wait patiently for the hardware  
> to get here, then I'll probably be much more active on the wiki

Same here, I can't transfer anything onto the phone yet. Tried a few  
kernel versions but can't get the USB networking working. If anyone  
has tell me your kernel version and email a kernel config file?

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