PRESS: Hands-on with the OpenMoko Phone

michael at michael at
Wed Jul 25 22:10:12 CEST 2007

On Tue, 24 Jul 2007, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:

> Jason Elwell writes:
> Thanks for posting that -- certainly whetted my appetite.
> It's also interesting that the author of the article didn't quite
> understand which decisions have been made, and which are pending:  he
> didn't seem to understand that next version *won't* have a camera
> (incidentally, I'm one of the people who would really like to see a
> camera added, but I've also got several friends who work in no-camera
> environments, who find trying to buy a cell phone nearly impossible
> these days).

So true. I was staffing the booth at UbuntuLive. Many people were asking many
questions, and the camera question of course was a very common one.

My answer was the standard line, as discussed extensively and on the wiki:
there is absolutely no camera in the October version. I did speculate that
somewhere in the future it is possible that a Neo with camera will appear.

I suspect that people misheard.

By the way, it was inspiring to see the interest in that community. A lot had
not heard about this project and were very excited. I had about 70 paper
copies of my instructions for how to get from Ubuntu to Openmoko (in 5 easy
steps!) ( and they were
all taken. I encouraged everyone to join the community.


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