External Handler Proof of Concept

Kero van Gelder kero at chello.nl
Wed Jul 25 22:25:57 CEST 2007

>   I was playing around with the extensions framework 
> (http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Wishlist:Extension_Framework) over the 
> weekend and have put together a proof of concept for the idea.  The 
> packages are not currently designed to run on the openmoko or integrate 
> with the build process but on a standard linux distribution (until I get a 
> 'phone, anyway).  The distribution consists of three separate packages:
>    * openmoko-extensionhandler - receives extension requests and passes
>      them through the chain of extensions registered for that request
>    * openmoko-extension-sample - sample extension that changes the
>      parameters of an outgoing call
>    * fakegsmd - simple client that generates an extension request for
>      an outgoing call (as would be expected to be generated by gsmd)
> Anyway, if people would like to take a look at this it is available at 
> http://www.devzero.net/openmoko/dist/omext.tar.gz - please give it a go and 
> let me know what you think.

Compiles, works.

Probably a nice idea to see if I can get my Ruby code to talk to yours :)
Ah, ListNames spots ["org.freedesktop.DBus", "org.openmoko.ef.eh.Gsmd", ":1.17", ":1.18"]
so I guess that should be easy enough :)

And I'm trying to do the equivalent of this in Ruby, but failing:
        /* Start repeat for each handler */
        obj = g_object_new (EXTENSIONHANDLERGSMD_TYPE, NULL);
        dbus_g_connection_register_g_object (connection,
(NB: there's nothing repeating there. adapt comment, pls)
I'll use dbus-monitor on your code and learn :)

I'll think about the extension concept a bit more. The fact that you chose
a scenario to modify a phone number is interesting. How about calling a 
person from a Contact? and then choosing VoIP or GSM by those extensions?
(specifically, I do not think gsmd is the place where the call should
originate, in the image you have on the Wiki).

That is it for now,

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