Why you won't find me in the forum much

Raphaël Jacquot sxpert at sxpert.org
Thu Jul 26 10:16:52 CEST 2007

Giles Jones wrote:
> Robin Paulson <robin.paulson at gmail.com> wrote :
>> it's open-source (BSD license), so all the code is available to build
>> on whatever environment/architecture you want (as far as my limited
>> understanding of portable code/interpretation of the gears wiki goes,
>> anyway)
>> http://code.google.com/p/google-gears/
>> i might look into this - gears piqued my interest a while back, but i
>> never had a suitable project for it
> This is the problem though, why should someone spend hours porting an application to their phone just to be able to read a list they can perfectly easily read now?
> I find this a bit crazy given this is a project to develop software for a mobile handset. We should be very aware of the limitations of a mobile device, CPU speed, memory and download speed. 
> If our own discussions aren't capable of being read on a mobile device then how do people even expect to be able to design software for one? you have to be able to imagine how the device will be used and focus on user experience.

I recently read some "press article" that stated that for younger 
people, email was dead, and everything happened on MSN.
well, I, for one, won't be often in those stupid HTML forums either, I 
consider those things
* a waste of resources and time
* impossible to search
so they are pretty useless
also, they tend to multiply, which makes searching for relevant 
information rather impossible or pointless

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