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Thu Jul 26 11:12:37 CEST 2007

On 7/26/07, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller <hns at computer.org> wrote:
> > if they are connected, then there  isn't anything to be decidet.
> Well, there was already the hint that gmane or Google Groups can do
> exactly that *or even do it* (mirror the mailing list in a Web based
> forum-like view). But apparently it did not find enough acceptance
> (including myself).
> My main objection is that a mailing list is inherently not
> structured. And automatic structuring by threads (common subject
> title) is not enough - it is just one level. And the main argument
> for a forum is to have a better structure for newcomers so that they
> find solutions more easily. So I doubt that it works in practive.
> And it would enforce all mailing list proponents a new habit: e.g. to
> add a [Subforum] to new posts. From my impression, they do not want
> to do that because they are completely happy with what they already
> have!
> Another solution wich came to my mind is this: Create our own Web-Forum
(just something simple), and then create a reader for it. An application for
the openmoko which retrives the data directly. So the forum can export the
posts as plain-text which is displayed with the openmoko app, or as html for
the web forum. The application could be found in the menu under "Community
Help" or something. We could even allow something like BBcode for
formatting: for the web-forum it gets translated to html formatting, and to
the phone app it gets transmitted in plain and the phone app the app styles
it. So we not only have a forum, but also an easy-to use phone help.

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