Why you won't find me in the forum much

Lars Hallberg lah at micropp.se
Thu Jul 26 11:33:27 CEST 2007

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller skrev:
>> i imagine this mail2forum provides some sort of "[Subforum]"-tag 
>> before each e-mail. To answer to a thread, simply answer the last mail 
>> of that thread. To start a new topic, just write "[Subforum]New Topic 
>> Name" as Subject of the mail. At least i would implement it this way. 
>> And if it isn't so, we could simply write ourselves something like 
>> that. I mean: we have plenty of developers in here.
> How do you make sure that the [Subforum] really exists when users type a 
> message? How do they remember the list of tags? Does the sender get back 
> a notice and has to send it again?

A feature of forums, actually *the* feature that make allot of 
sub-forums possibly in the first place, is that moderators can move 
posts... email miss-post is not different from forum miss-post so this 
should be a no problem.

If we fix so reply go right, make it possibly for power user to get 
first posting go right then moderators can take care of the rest.

News might be a better 'backend' then mail. Can use equaly many 
subforums and mail can move as the moderator moves them.

mail<-->news is then a simple step. Nothing (apart from moderators can't 
move miss-post) stops lists from being equally divided. can we subscribe 
to hierarchies (this forum and all present and future sub-forum) it 
would be OK.

- - -

I prefere a list... or a newsgroup really... that's how i read this list 
(gmane). Sometimes I use gmain web interface but I newer tried to post.


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