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Giles Jones giles.jones at zen.co.uk
Thu Jul 26 11:54:30 CEST 2007

Tim Niemeyer <tim.niemeyer at mastersword.de> wrote :

> > >xxxxxxxx
> No i haven't such a message.
> But when i type usb_add gadget:1, the qemu says in the QEMU monitor:
> (qemu) Could not remove USB device '0.5'
> Why? Seems to me like he gets some errors and want trys an automatic
> usb_remove...

I get this when I try with 2.6.18. 

I'm thinking that you probably need the same kernel version on the host machine as is running inside QEMU to stand a chance of this working.

> Wow ... it's not ... at first i thought this could it be, but then i
> looked in the file ../config-host.h wich is included by config.h.
> In ../config-host.h is "#define CONFIG_GADGETFS 1". Or do you mean that
> i have to specify the directory /dev/gadget? How can i do this?

config-host.h should contain #define CONFIG_GADGETFS 1. Add that line and rebuild qemu if it isn't.

G O Jones

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