Why you won't find me in the forum much

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On 7/26/07, Raphaël Jacquot <sxpert at sxpert.org> wrote:
> I recently read some "press article" that stated that for younger
> people, email was dead, and everything happened on MSN.
> well, I, for one, won't be often in those stupid HTML forums either, I
> consider those things
> * a waste of resources and time
> * impossible to search
> so they are pretty useless
> also, they tend to multiply, which makes searching for relevant
> information rather impossible or pointless
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Most forums come with a working search engine.
Don't load the images and you get pretty small pages that probably aren't
bigger than the quote trains lazy top replying (I do it myself) creates.

But why are we even bothering to have this discussion? Web forums aren't
stupid. They are a popular tool for discussion on the internet. If you are
too stupid to use them, that's not my problem. I am obviously too stupid to
use mailing lists with a hundred mails a day, though.
Here's the deal:
-We've got a mailing list, continue using it if you can handle it.
-We've got a temporary forum here:
http://forums.makeopensource.com/index.php Use it if you like forums. I hope
we can move the content over to an official forum once it's created.

There is really no need for further forums vs ML discussion. Both work, in
different ways, parallel. The discussion could be continued in the forum,
then at least the mailing list stays clean of spam.

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