OK, the forum is coming..

Valerio Bruno valerio.bruno at torlug.org
Thu Jul 26 17:21:01 CEST 2007

Andreas Kostyrka <andreas at ...> writes:

> Now, a newbie forum is fine, do as you like. Although one might argue
> that you are splitting the community in two.
> The problem is that you need a communication tool that is appropriate
> for newbies. And it must be appropriate for power user, or you'll have
> trouble to get enough answers for the questions your newbies ask.

Now we don't have newbies: so the only 'fear' is to lose newcomers newbies and
some (lot of?) power users. And so? What's the problem if THEY prefer webforum
againist ML/NNTP ? 
> Now, if the FIC decides that they want to have forums (and notice that
> typically mobile manufacturers don't have forums on their site), they
> will have the additional option of paying the answerers.

If they're able to sell new service, why not? This has nothing to do with a
forum made from the community to the community.
> But currently, you are advocating an end user newbie communication tool,
> for a device that can (perhaps?) dial a number without hacking a Unix
> command line.

And when we'll be in third phase? and when other OpenMoko phones are released?
We're preparing ourself.

> You should consider the fact that, in a pure FOSS "market", you have
> newbies that post questions and advanced users that answer questions.
> Now, it's easy to find newbies, it's way harder to get professionals to
> donate their time to answer questions.

This is the same for ML/forum/NNTP.
An old newbie is a new power user: we'll have power users with time.

> Using a tool that is NOT good at
> heavy communication to make it more hassle for these advanced users is
> not a good strategy. 

Forum is a better tool for heavy communication than ML, and it's the only one
usable by non-technic newbie user (like a 14 years old boy that plays with his


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