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Harald Welte laforge at
Thu Jul 26 17:53:01 CEST 2007


Since we're now working on the "phase 2 neo", i.e. what is now known
officially as "Neo1973 GTA02", I'd like to address one issue:

For many information in the public wiki, it is not clear whether it is

1) general information about the openmoko 2007 software
1b) information about future software plans, unrelated to
    old software.  So old software should be tagged
    as 'OpenMoko 2007 Software' or similar.
2) general information common to the Neo1973 phones
3) information specific to Neo1973 GTA01
4) information specific to Neo1973 GTA02

I don't want to say I have a concise plan on how to structure the
information.  I'm just saying that we somehow need to point this out.

For many pages this would actually affect the page naming.

But to the biggest part, I think there should be some kind of
categorization effort.

I know there currently are the 'neo1973 phase 1 related' and 'neo1973
phase 2' related categories.  They somewhat don't match reality, since
we will very likely have a 'Neo1973 GTA01 phase 1' and a 'Neo1973 GTA02
phase 1', before we will at some point have a 'Neo1973 GAT02 phase 2'.

Also, everyone internal in the project just uses hardware revisions
rather than phases.

Phases are particular points in time where we address a particular
crowd.  They might match 1:1 to certain hardware revisions, but that is
mere coincidence rather than a given fact.

I know Sean's announcements could have been interpreted differently,
sorry for that :(

So what I would want to propose is 

a) the community works out some guidelines/policies
   considering the facts that I've pointed out above.  I'll participate
   in this discussion (as long as I'm kept in Cc, I really don't have
   the time to read all of community@) and provide feedback from my
   point of view

b) once we have agreed on some kind of policy, we can all start to
   update the current pages.

Thanks for your cooperation / assistance / support!

- Harald Welte <laforge at>         
Software for the world's first truly open Free Software mobile phone

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