Broken Sim Card Reader?

Mark Eichin eichin-openmoko at
Fri Jul 27 03:42:17 CEST 2007

"Harrison Metzger" <harrisonmetz at> writes:

> Dear community,
> I received my neo today and have been playing around with it a bunch. I can
> get any of the "phone" part of the phone to work. I have been playing around
> with the GSM AT command set and issuing commands to the modem manually and
> from the gsm tool. However I could not register it on the network. I looked
> further into it and I when i do: AT+CNUM it returns CME ERROR 10, and I
> looked at what that meant in the the GSM proto manual and it means SIM card
> not inserted. The sim card is inserted. Its an AT&T prepaid simcard. I have
> tried it in other phones and it works, ive also tried other working sim
> cards (from ATT) in the neo and its a no go. I know the SIMs work, so I
> figure it is the neo. There was talk on IRC about 3.3v sims vs 5v, but I
> have no idea what to do with that. I'm stuck. I *dont* think I have a
> defective device, but I can't think of what else it would be.

I just bought a T-Mobile (US) pay-as-you-go SIM (for hacking with
until I decide to switch the old 6630 over.)  Like the (ancient
*OMNIPOINT*) SIM in the other phone, it didn't work the first time.
Then I tapped the antenna icon with the stylus, got 3 choices - "power
on gsm antenna", "auto register with network", "power off gsm

I picked "power on gsm antenna"... and the whole icon bar crashed :-)

Then I hard powercycled it (hold down power button until the screen
blanks, no menu comes up because that part is crashed) and when it
came up, it was talking to the network...

I know that sounds mystical, but if the pattern works for you, then
maybe there's something worth diagnosing...

Note: I'm using the rootfs posted earlier from

I still haven't gotten sound out of it, but it does make and accept

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