Data Link Disable Capability?

David S Gathright David.Gathright at
Fri Jul 27 05:47:48 CEST 2007

Thanks for the replies, all.  I guess what I was wishing for was a
'built-in' way to disable the connection (call it 'economy mode' for the
'thrift-conscious').  I can settle for a hack, though, I long
as it's not too much of a pain (i.e. having to repeat N steps every N


> Actually, philosophically, by default it's disabled. You need to run a
> pppd to connect, as a GSM modem just provides one with a 
> modem emulation.
> Now the question is if the software will automatically 
> connect you, but
> I guess, there will be always an option to turn it off.
> (E.g. one idea that comes to mind, even if the software insists on
> respawning the pppd all the time, would be to set the APN to something
> not existing. This would make the pppd connections fail all 
> the time ;))
> Andreas

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