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to, 2007-07-26 kello 22:07 -0700, tyler laing kirjoitti:
> What I meant is, in the consumer version, will this be possible? And I
> meant "driver", not drive. I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough in my first
> question. Thanks for your time!

First of all, the first respondent was in fact incorrect. Even the
development version has Bluetooth, which _can_ be used for wireless
networking between Neos and/or computers. The range is smaller than with
WiFi, as is the bandwidth, but at least the latter is likely to be quite
enough for most uses.

The mass-market Neo's AR6K will add ad-hoc wifi capabilities, adding
bandwidth and range at the cost of more power.

Both will of course require connection setup control software, but that
shouldn't be too much of a burden.

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