Product naming / wiki page naming / restructuring

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Fri Jul 27 12:02:26 CEST 2007

Am 26.07.2007 um 17:53 schrieb Harald Welte:

> Hi!
> Since we're now working on the "phase 2 neo", i.e. what is now known
> officially as "Neo1973 GTA02", I'd like to address one issue:
> For many information in the public wiki, it is not clear whether it is
> 1) general information about the openmoko 2007 software
> 1b) information about future software plans, unrelated to
>     old software.  So old software should be tagged
>     as 'OpenMoko 2007 Software' or similar.
> 2) general information common to the Neo1973 phones
> 3) information specific to Neo1973 GTA01
> 4) information specific to Neo1973 GTA02

Well, I think we will have to separate

a) different hardware variants (and subvariants) of the Neo
b) different software variants (and subvariants) of OpenMoko

There is good practice to use the dot notation.

So, we will have

Neo1973-1.0 = "GTA01"
Neo1973-2.0 = "GTA02"

There might come

Neo1974 or even

OpenMoko-0.5 or whatever scheme is already in place.

If someone wants to refer to a class of versions/releases, just  
remove the rightmost parts:

Neo - meaning any hardware
Neo1973 - meaning any release
Neo1973-1 - meaning any version of GTA01 (if there are sub-versions)

OpenMoko - meaning any software release
OpenMoko-0 - meaning any developer releases
OpenMoko-1 - meaning the first official release

This ends up in a matrix of devices&software versions, e.g. (I have  
not completed the list - that is your task)

Phase 0 = Neo1973-1.0 + OpenMoko-0.1
Phase 1 = Neo1973-1.1 + OpenMoko-0.3
Phase 2 = Neo1973-2.0 + OpenMoko-1.0
Phase 117 = Neo2007-2.7 + OpenMoko-4.3

Each phase can also get a consumer-friendly nickname.

This scheme can IMHO also be used to organize Wiki Pages and Subpages  
(links). Aliases can be used to map/link the existing page names to a  
new scheme.


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