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Harald Welte laforge at
Fri Jul 27 12:24:07 CEST 2007

Hi Nikolaus,

thanks for your feedback.

On Fri, Jul 27, 2007 at 12:02:26PM +0200, Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:

> Well, I think we will have to separate
> a) different hardware variants (and subvariants) of the Neo


> b) different software variants (and subvariants) of OpenMoko


> There is good practice to use the dot notation.

unfortunately that is not how we call our revisions so far :)

> So, we will have
> Neo1973-1.0 = "GTA01"
> Neo1973-2.0 = "GTA02"

well, please don't add numbers like 1.0/2.0, since that would just lead
to further confusion. I really think it makes sense to use one naming
scheme, and don't differentiate between 'inside the company' and 'outsid
the company'

> There might come
> Neo1974 or even
> Neo2007

Yes.  And actually, nijutsu will also tell us about the Neo1907 at some
point :)

> and
> OpenMoko-0.5 or whatever scheme is already in place.

-2007 and -2008 so far.  We might have 200x.y at some point.

> If someone wants to refer to a class of versions/releases, just remove the 
> rightmost parts:
> Neo - meaning any hardware


> Neo1973 - meaning any release


> Neo1973-1 - meaning any version of GTA01 (if there are sub-versions)

just call it 'Neo1973 GTA01' or even more specific
'Neo1973 GTA01Bv4'

> OpenMoko - meaning any software release
> OpenMoko-0 - meaning any developer releases
> OpenMoko-1 - meaning the first official release

yes, though the numbers are currently 2007/2008

> This ends up in a matrix of devices&software versions, e.g. (I have not 
> completed the list - that is your task)
> Phase 0 = Neo1973-1.0 + OpenMoko-0.1
> Phase 1 = Neo1973-1.1 + OpenMoko-0.3
> Phase 2 = Neo1973-2.0 + OpenMoko-1.0
> ...
> Phase 117 = Neo2007-2.7 + OpenMoko-4.3

No, _every_ product will have it's own phase 0/1/2.  

It's just that GTA01 was so delayed, that we overlapped GTA01 and GTA02
phases, i.e. we will have  phase 0 and 1 with GTA01, and phase 1 and 2
with GTA02.

So for the next $product, we will again start with phase 0, then 1, then
2.  The time scale between the phases will hopefully be massively

> Each phase can also get a consumer-friendly nickname.

Well, there only is one phase in which consumers get involved: phase 2.

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