3G sim cards

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
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I don't have a Neo however I do have a AT&T 3G fireball card.....I can
definitely confirm that this works in much much older 2g handsets (I
have a few older 2g handsets that I've traded up from over time).

The newest at&t sim that came with my last new handset 6 months ago
(cingular 8525-htc hermes) works in all the other older handsets.


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Harrison Metzger wrote:
> Many people (including I) have not been able to get the at&t 3g sim 
> card (the one with the "3g fireball") working in our neos. The older 
> cingular ones do work (they are "64K smart chip"). I dont care if it 
> does 2g, I would like for my at&t sim card to work in the phone. 
> According to the GSM modem it gives error CME 10 (sim card not 
> inserted). any ideas?
Well the AT&T 3G cards are definitely have both a SIM and USIM 
application on them and AT&T do a lot of device testing before approving

the cards so it really should work.

Can you say what the Vendor and Version Number of the UICC is?
This is the 4 digit number beginning with a 2 under the "3g fireball" on

the front of the card.

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