Product naming / wiki page naming / restructuring

Lars Hallberg lah at
Fri Jul 27 13:31:09 CEST 2007

Harald Welte skrev:
> Hi!
> Since we're now working on the "phase 2 neo", i.e. what is now known
> officially as "Neo1973 GTA02", I'd like to address one issue:
> For many information in the public wiki, it is not clear whether it is
> 1) general information about the openmoko 2007 software
> 1b) information about future software plans, unrelated to
>     old software.  So old software should be tagged
>     as 'OpenMoko 2007 Software' or similar.
> 2) general information common to the Neo1973 phones
> 3) information specific to Neo1973 GTA01
> 4) information specific to Neo1973 GTA02

The main two pieces need sooner or later be more distinctly separated.

A) OpenMoko the distribution. Your 1) and 1b) go there. Together with 
sours code, bugtracker, general info of what chipset and standards that 
is needed/supported.

B) Products/targets using OpenMoko.
    B1) Produkts officaly supporting the use of OpenMoko. Neo1973 will 
so far be alone here, and 2), 3) and 4) shuld end up here. together with 
(links to) the neo1973-qemu, binarys for the neo, repro targeting the 
neo etc.
    B2) Produkts with hackers port of OpenMoko... At least a list with 

The right name for B) is hard... but if it's target, then anything 
Neo1973 related should go to:


And everything outside /Target/ is general OpenMoko stuff.


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