[Germany] GSM Prepaid offer from "Tchibo": user2user calls free for next 24 months

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Fri Jul 27 13:39:15 CEST 2007


sorry that this is only a tip for OpenMoko people 
in Germany -  there is a quite interesting
offer since today:

Prepaid SIM for 5 Euro with free calls to other
SIMs (users) of this special sold offer for the
next 24 month. I haven't found a limitation of 

I think there is something like "fair-use"
so when you/I use this offer less intensive
then some teenies....

This offer use the network of O2 and it could
be that this free calls are only valid inside
the O2 network in Germany. If the mobil use
the D1 roaming inside Germany it could be that
this calls are not for free... (I will check this)
and realy cool would it be, when datacalls from
Tchibo-SIM to Tchibo-SIM would be free as well.

The selling this special Prepaid-cards is anounced 
to run until 9.8.2007.

See also:

BTW: the shops have mobils as well, I had the luck to 
get a Nokia 1112 with Prepaid SIM for 20 Euro.
The battery BL-5CA of this mobil is Neo1973 compatible 
(already tested) and has a charger that could
help when your are going to buy a stand alone 
battery charger from Nokia or third-party vendor.

The FIC GTC-01/GTA-01 battery is setting the
Nokia 1112 into "test mode" - so this
20 Euro inc Prepaid-SIM offer is not  realy 
likly to work as "Second Battery for the neo,
Battery Charger and Prepaid-SIM" deal....

But the sim itself (with a second sim of this 
offer) would be very interesting to use with
the neo.

It's a pity that the Neo doesn't have a second
SIM card slot (and a second GSM tranceiver) so
cheap GPRS connections like Medion Mobile 0,24Euro/MB
needs to change the SIM or a second mobil (maybe
with Bluetooth, maybe a second neo)



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