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Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Fri Jul 27 16:01:23 CEST 2007

Frans Grotepass wrote:
> I want to order a GTA-01, but some questions still remain.
> 1: What is the status of various developments in the applications. The wiki 
> lacks enough informaiton. Is something like this list possible?
There isn't really a similar one - yet.

> 2: To what extent is it possible to use the phone as my daily phone? Are the 
> basic apps good enough?

For the moment, and for some time in the future, a Nokia 1100 will be a 
considerably better phone.
At the moment, most of the applications are unstable, and it is not 
really possible to place or recieve phones.

> 3: How long does the device run on a battery?
3-6 hours.
The power managment is mostly unimplemented.
Search on Power Managment on the wiki.
In principle, it should last >36 hours with bluetooth active, and a week 
or so idle listening for calls, and 20 hours playing MP3.
It is _NOT_ in this condition yet.

> 4: is the uboot bootloader stable enough to make a basic model sufficient?

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