[Germany] GSM Prepaid offer from "Tchibo": user2user calls free for next 24 months

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Fri Jul 27 17:01:42 CEST 2007

Salve Ortwin!

Sorry for my bad english - and missing activitiy on
this list for the examens period...

Ortwin Regel schrieb am Friday, den 27. July 2007 um 15:22h:

> Only Tchibo - Tchibo calls are free, and only for 24 months if you buy
> before 2007-08-09.

Calls to old Tchibo sims and Sims sold after the promotion
periode of 9.8.2007 will be charged with 5 Cent/Minute:

Only Tchibo-promotion-SIM to Tchibo-promotion-SIM is free
for the next 24 month.

> To benefit from this you'd have to get two or more of
> this offer and give one to everyone you phone often.

Yes, but 5 Euro/SIM for such a solution is not much
and developing/testing phone function could be nice
to have two of such SIM cards. ;)

To be absolutly accurate, the SIM is comming with an asset/balance
of 1 Euro, valid for 12 month. I fear using this SIM longer then
12 month will make a rechage with the lowest amount of 10 Euro
So this time-limted offer means for a developer:
2x5 = 10  Euro for using Tchibo-promotion-SIM to Tchibo-promotion-SIM
      for 12 month
for month 13-24 you have to "invest" 2x10 Euro.

> SMS are relatively expensive and I wasn't able to find anything about
> data...

Your are right, SMS are relatively expensive,
my tip was not about the best tariff for all...
Just about the possibility to do free calls from one to the

And finaly, like all flat-rate tariffs, the contract "Allgemeine
Geschäftsbedingungen" says, that stationary gatways to forward
external calls are not allowed to do:

  4.1 Der Kunde ist verpflichtet
  h) die Leistungen von O2 nur zum Aufbau selbstgewählter
  Verbindungen zu nutzen; ihm ist insbesondere nicht gestattet,
  mittels einer SIM-Karte von einem Dritten hergestellte Verbindungen 
  Über Vermittlungs- oder Übertragungssysteme weiterzuleiten oder SIM-Karten
  in stationären Einrichtungen, gleich welcher Art, zu installieren oder
  unter Verwendung von SIM-Karten Telekommunikationsdienstleistungen
  anzubieten oder zu vermitteln.

Ok, no stationary gatway...

BTW this offer shows again that the tariffs have more
and more special profiles - the one it very cheap with
this - the other is very cheap with that - multiple SIM
inside a phone would help to profit from A and B comfortable,
without a second or third phone...

> > It's a pity that the Neo doesn't have a second
> > SIM card slot (and a second GSM tranceiver) so
> > cheap GPRS connections like Medion Mobile 0,24Euro/MB
> > needs to change the SIM or a second mobil (maybe
> > with Bluetooth, maybe a second neo)


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