3G sim cards

Eric Johnson eric at ebj.us
Fri Jul 27 19:19:44 CEST 2007

Harrison Metzger wrote:
> I'm not actually sure what number you need. On the (what I would call 
> front side) side with NO contacts there is the iccid number which is 
> long. On the back (side with contacts) their are 2 numbers: 71324 and 
> 4021 (please don't clone my phone, lol). So we don't play email tag 
> I'm on IRC (name calamous_), could you mind hopping on or messaging me 
> if you are already.
Sorry, I was doing it from memory and the first digit of the four seems 
to be the SIM vendor so I shouldn't have said beginning with a  2.
The 71324 is the SKU for the AT&T latest UICC.
The 4021 is the Vendor and Version number.
Based at looking at some cards the vendor numbers are
    2 - G&D
    3 - Gemalto
    4 - Oberthur

I have access to a tool monitoring the communication between the SIM and 
the handset so I will be able to investigate this later.
Unfortunately, they haven't charged my credit card yet so at best I will 
not have a device for a couple of weeks and I only have access to G&D 
and Gemalto UICCs.

Hopefully someone else can help you in the meantime.

It'll be a bit of a blow if the phone won't work with the largest US GSM 
operators SIM cards!

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