OpenMoko/GTA01 project advice

Nelson Castillo nelsoneci at
Fri Jul 27 23:52:39 CEST 2007


We are starting a project and we will use a
Neo GTA01 ( We are also waiting for it to ship :) ).
We will need at least two more, but we need to try
one first.

We need to:

* Make calls to send arbitrary data (We'd like to
 use the GSM for data)
* Record voice messages on the phone and send them to
 another user (via GSM)

I have a few questions:

* Will we be able to use the GSM directly? I am new to
this, and I'd like to know if we can make a GSM call
(to other Neo) and send arbitrary data.
* Will the power management issue be solved soon? I guess that
 we will need at least 8 hours of battery power. (I know we can
also help, but I'd like to know if someone is working on it).

On the other hand, we _will_ use the Neo, but we need to have
another phones for backups (using other brands). I think we will
help debug problems since we will be able to make comparisons.

We need to be able to show a new product
to our client, and he will not care if the Neo is ready or not.
But we care and we will wait. So, a new question is:

  What other phone will allow us to test this functionality?
  Better if it's Linux based.

We were planning to use a A1200, but this phone is no
useful at all for what we're trying  to do. I've read that
you get a shell with a lot of SE-Linux stuff enabled, and
that you cannot get to use the phone as you'd like to
from the command line. I wonder if we can have access
to the audio codecs (HW) and to the GSM in
this phone. We'd rather use GSM for voice since GPRS
latency is quite big (at least in our country).



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