What happened to the order?

Jon Radel jon at radel.com
Sat Jul 28 00:12:11 CEST 2007

> If I understood correctly orders within the U.S. was shipped first, and
> then international developers would get their phones..

Well, some U.S. phones were shipped first....this doesn't seem to apply
to my #1881.

> I have received three e-mails from openmoko: "AutoReply: OpenMoko direct
> order", "Your OpenMoko direct order" (which I replyed to YES_I_DO), and 
> "Payment received: OpenMoko direct order".

I got the first two.  I sent "YES_I_DO" twice, the first time within 50
minutes and then again 13 days later when I heard nothing further.
Still haven't heard anything about payment or shipping.

> Since then I have heard nothing, but I can see from the "P1 Owners" page
> that other higher numbered rts, ordering the exact same thing (Advanced
> kit, B/S), to the exact same location (Oslo, Norway) have received
> shipping notifications.

Same thing I ordered, but to a U.S. address.

> Anyone else experienced this? Is my order gone? Am I waiting for
> something that won't happen?
> Is there something that I should have done that I have not?

They're probably dancing just as fast as they can....

--Jon Radel
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