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Sat Jul 28 05:30:14 CEST 2007

Hello to one and all, and allow me to present a few ideas for the Neo1973/Openmoko combination that will drive sales and support.Simply put, use the phone number as an unique identifier for the phone,that can be broadcast via wifi or bluetooth, and then, when you give someone your phone-number, the have this identifier. (Only if they have a compatible phone/OS combination) Then, when you are in range, you can text/IM/call them over bluetooth/wifi.To me, this would be the ultimate teenager tool. It bypasses the Telco limitsfrees the phone for many social uses, say parties, hanging out, etc. And here's the thing: this should be ideally transparent to the users of the phone what mode is being used. However, if concerned, there can be a simpleicon representing the mode used. This sort of application will seem inconsequential, but in reality, it is thesort of thing that will drive change. As wifi tech improves, battery life improves, a feature like this will be a killer deal. Have any of you read any of Vernor Vinge's Singularity novels? Wherein he postulates an interconnected world of a depth that is only dreamed of now.To me, a platform like OpenMoko has the possibility to drive change in sucha way, that the world will literally be changed. If thats not your goal, inany project, why do it? If it won't change the world, even a small portion of it, then you are doing something wrong. The future will be driven by those whom not only anticipate change, but drive it by their actions and goals. I want to help OpenMoko sinceI feel it can change the world.Do you?-Sincerely, Tyler.
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