Got my phone! + A comment and a Question

Ken Young rtm at
Sat Jul 28 07:21:00 CEST 2007

   I got my phone, and I'm a happy guy!

   I learned one thing that might save someone else some time.   I
initially tried to do the dfu-util downloads of the kernel and
rootfs from linux running via VMWare on a Windoze host.   Although
dfu-util definately could talk to the neo, it could not successfully
download the images.   Once I switched to a native linux box (running
exactly the same OS version) I had no problems.

   Something that worries me is that at the end of the "Getting Started
with your Neo1973" page in the wiki, it suggests backing up the
original flash contents, because "... there are parts in the root
filesystem that can't be distributed over internet so they are only found
in the shipped ROM (see the GPS driver)."   Now these first neos have been
shipped with no rootfs at all (see   So
we *have* to overwrite the rootfs before the device will boot.   What
does that mean vis a vis the parts of the filesystem which can't be
distributed over the internet?    How do we get those parts?

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