What happened to the order?

Asbjørn Sannes ace at sannes.org
Sat Jul 28 09:38:39 CEST 2007

Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
> On 07/28/2007 Asbjørn Sannes wrote:
>> If I understood correctly orders within the U.S. was shipped first, 
>> and then international developers would get their phones..
>> I have received three e-mails from openmoko: "AutoReply: OpenMoko 
>> direct order", "Your OpenMoko direct order" (which I replyed to 
>> YES_I_DO), and  "Payment received: OpenMoko direct order".
>> Since then I have heard nothing, but I can see from the "P1 Owners" 
>> page that other higher numbered rts, ordering the exact same thing 
>> (Advanced kit, B/S), to the exact same location (Oslo, Norway) have 
>> received shipping notifications.
>> Anyone else experienced this? Is my order gone? Am I waiting for 
>> something that won't happen?
>> Is there something that I should have done that I have not?
> Let me check on this today.
> As I'm sure it's obvious to most of you now, we're having a  heck of a
> time with logistics this first time around. Please accept my sincere
> apologies. I promise we will get much better really soon.
> -Sean
I probably was a bit fast on the trigger (you know how time feels when 
you are waiting for something good): I have now received a "Order 
shipped: OpenMoko direct order" e-mail with a tracking number, and is as 
happy as ever, can't wait to do some real hacking :)

I understand the problem of doing logistics for the first time at this 
scale is not an easy one, I wish there would have been a way of checking 
if an order w as still alive, especially when there is a "time-gap" 
between status updates.. I hope this kind of thing will come together 
for the mass marketing stuff :)

Asbjørn Sannes
#1848, soon to be P1 hacker

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