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Max Giesbert giesbert at
Sat Jul 28 15:23:50 CEST 2007

sounds like an excellent idea to me. would definitely be a killer
application to use the phone in a peer-to-peer style without using the
telco network.
UI-wise this could be realized in organizing the addressbook more like a
IM client where you can see if your buddies are in BT-/WiFi-Range,
Online (via any network connection (GPRS/UMTS/BT/WiFi)) or offline
(callable/SMSable). In any situation you could choose to send text/chat
or call your buddy. And the phone chooses the best (cost/battery
life/reception) way to contact the buddy.

what do you think?


tyler laing wrote:
> Hello to one and all, and allow me to present a few ideas for the
> Neo1973/Openmoko combination that will drive sales and support.
> Simply put, use the phone number as an unique identifier for the phone,
> that can be broadcast via wifi or bluetooth, and then, when you give
> someone your phone-number, the have this identifier. (Only if
> they have a compatible phone/OS combination)
> Then, when you are in range, you can text/IM/call them over bluetooth/wifi.
> To me, this would be the ultimate teenager tool. It bypasses the Telco
> limits
> frees the phone for many social uses, say parties, hanging out, etc.
> And here's the thing: this should be ideally transparent to the users of
> the
> phone what mode is being used. However, if concerned, there can be a simple
> icon representing the mode used.
> This sort of application will seem inconsequential, but in reality, it
> is the
> sort of thing that will drive change. As wifi tech improves, battery life
> improves, a feature like this will be a killer deal.
> Have any of you read any of Vernor Vinge's Singularity novels? Wherein he
> postulates an interconnected world of a depth that is only dreamed of now.
> To me, a platform like OpenMoko has the possibility to drive change in such
> a way, that the world will literally be changed. If thats not your goal, in
> any project, why do it? If it won't change the world, even a small portion
> of it, then you are doing something wrong.
> The future will be driven by those whom not only anticipate change, but
> drive it by their actions and goals. I want to help OpenMoko since
> I feel it can change the world.
> Do you?
> -Sincerely, Tyler.
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