OpenMoko future.

Jay Vaughan jay at
Sat Jul 28 15:49:42 CEST 2007

> That said, with a project like this that is very engineering-driven  
> and
> with engineering being very vocal about what they see as the limits of
> the project it would be useful to hear a (re)confirmation of the
> marketing vision to make sure that it is still valid.  Sean?
> \

bah, why?  what good does it do to push moko to make position  
statements on things that are clearly on the table .. the status of  
things as they are should be clue enough that such demands are not  
worth the warm, moist air they're issued with ..

get the openmoko.  participate in completing its software.  use the  
phone.  this is not a PC manufacturer, its not Apple..

Fact is: its easier and easier for bright teams to engineer their own  
hardware, and openmoko is a case in point.  lets not forget the open  
part of this equation, and instead why don't we just leave the future  
direction of things, indeed, fairly open.  more fun for those who  
want to be part of the effort, less fun for those who want the  
sandbox bulldozed for a field of soapboxes ..


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