An idea of sorts

Ian Stirling OpenMoko at
Sat Jul 28 16:04:45 CEST 2007

Max Giesbert wrote:
> sounds like an excellent idea to me. would definitely be a killer
> application to use the phone in a peer-to-peer style without using the
> telco network.
> UI-wise this could be realized in organizing the addressbook more like a
> IM client where you can see if your buddies are in BT-/WiFi-Range,
> Online (via any network connection (GPRS/UMTS/BT/WiFi)) or offline
> (callable/SMSable). In any situation you could choose to send text/chat
> or call your buddy. And the phone chooses the best (cost/battery
> life/reception) way to contact the buddy.
> what do you think?

This is briefly mentioned in

I will write up a page on this referring to the other relevant pages on 
the wiki - Server:PhoneDirectory - or something.

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