An idea of sorts

Thomas Szukala thsz at
Sat Jul 28 16:23:09 CEST 2007

Giles Jones wrote:
> On 28 Jul 2007, at 14:23, Max Giesbert wrote:
>> sounds like an excellent idea to me. would definitely be a killer
>> application to use the phone in a peer-to-peer style without using the
>> telco network.
>> UI-wise this could be realized in organizing the addressbook more like a
>> IM client where you can see if your buddies are in BT-/WiFi-Range,
>> Online (via any network connection (GPRS/UMTS/BT/WiFi)) or offline
>> (callable/SMSable). In any situation you could choose to send text/chat
>> or call your buddy. And the phone chooses the best (cost/battery
>> life/reception) way to contact the buddy.
>> what do you think?
>> max
> How about friends list? so you can basically add people to your 
> friends list via email.
> The Nintendo Wii has a serial number built in and you can send a 
> friend request to another Wii or to any other email address. When 
> sending a message for the first time it asks for permission to be 
> added (one way to stop spam).
> You can then email pictures to your Wii.
> An easy way to install new software would be to be able to email it to 
> your phone and use the phone's wifi to download the email. Of course 
> security would have to be present to stop it installing anything 
> received in an email.


correct me if I am wrong, but shouldnt Jabber/XMPP do this out of the 
box with (formerly Apples) Bonjour 

You should simply have your IM Client active and see automatically every 
friend who is on your list as available (or what message he has 
selected). Exchanging data like pictures, binary or simply text is 
therefore already implemented?

For seeing people how you dont know, you could join a Chatroom called 
"Local" for everyone available in short range technoligy like 
Wifi/BT/Infrared and "Global" for GPRS/Wifi(Internet). Who is subscribed 
to your personal Global Chatroom should be identified first... probably 
some kind of social group which has met before in person... 

Managing your calls over Jabber should also be possible through a IM 
Gateway which communitcates to your phonebook. Click on a friend and 
open a jingle connection directly (wifi/bt) to your friend or first to 
the gsm module which then dials out over normal voice



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