OpenMoko future.

Jim McDonald Jim at
Sat Jul 28 18:44:40 CEST 2007

Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> That said, with a project like this that is very engineering-driven and
>> with engineering being very vocal about what they see as the limits of
>> the project it would be useful to hear a (re)confirmation of the
>> marketing vision to make sure that it is still valid.  Sean?
>> \
> \
> bah, why?  what good does it do to push moko to make position
> statements on things that are clearly on the table .. the status of
> things as they are should be clue enough that such demands are not
> worth the warm, moist air they're issued with ..
Why?  Because there are two conflicting statements on the 'vision' of
where the project is headed and I'd be interested to know which one is
the one that the team is driving toward.

And why that?  Because I find one a very interesting proposition and
something I'd very much like to be part of and the other uninteresting
and a waste of my time.  I'd like to know which one it is before I start
putting in (more) effort.


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