OpenMoko future.

Sean Moss-Pultz sean at
Sat Jul 28 19:07:56 CEST 2007

Jim McDonald wrote:
> Jay Vaughan wrote:
>>> That said, with a project like this that is very engineering-driven and
>>> with engineering being very vocal about what they see as the limits of
>>> the project it would be useful to hear a (re)confirmation of the
>>> marketing vision to make sure that it is still valid.  Sean?
>>> \
>> \
>> bah, why?  what good does it do to push moko to make position
>> statements on things that are clearly on the table .. the status of
>> things as they are should be clue enough that such demands are not
>> worth the warm, moist air they're issued with ..
> Why?  Because there are two conflicting statements on the 'vision' of
> where the project is headed and I'd be interested to know which one is
> the one that the team is driving toward.

I don't see our statements as conflicting. Harald is our lead system
level architect. His job is to focus on his task at hand and deliver a
stable, high performance system. He's trying to "give the geeks what
they want first."

Those of us who have had the pleasure to work with Harald (and I
consider myself _extremely_ fortunate) will know that he is insanely
focused. Any marketing talk that is not 100% a reality _now_ is -- in
his opinion -- is completely a waste of time.

Whether you agree with this point of view or not, it makes for one hell
of an engineer!

We all believe that we must have a very narrow market focus with a clear
picture of our ideal customer. We must differentiate. We must strip
everything to the simplest core idea and make sure that this idea allows
us to stand out and make a difference in this world.

We want to build _the_ best open mobile device in the world. 100% open.

Only when we reach this point will our strengths be appreciated by the
mainstream user.

Mark my words, we will make an end user mobile device of which this
world has never seen before.

No, we are not trying to compete head-on with the Nokias of this world.
We're trying to change the rules. Our goal is the build the next mobile
phone. And we definitely will need all your help.

Together, I'm absolutely sure we will get there.


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