3G sim cards

Scott Rushforth scott at spotman.net
Sat Jul 28 21:22:25 CEST 2007

Mark Eichin wrote:
>> and I am able to make outgoing calls successfully.  Even got the audio
>> working after some fuss ;)
> What fuss in particular?  I can play audio with madplay, but have yet
> to get phone calls to use the speaker (the dialer connects and picks
> up fine...)
Right before you dial a call, try

alsactl -f /etc/alsa/gsmhandset.state restore

Then fire up alsamixer and adjust Amp Left and Amp Right to suit your needs.

Also, this should work with the headset plugged in, and using 
gsmheadset.state as well, and then you can use stereoout.state to put it 
back to stereo output.

So, in short, that works for me.  However, I can't seem to make the gsm 
system function reliably.  Seems it can only handle 1 call before a full 
reboot is needed, unless gsm and x are restarted, and even then that 
only works on occasion.  Otherwise the modem just appears to hang, and 
restarting gsmd, and attempting to re-register makes no effect.
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