Placing an order for September Release of FIC Neo.

Steve openmokolists at
Sat Jul 28 23:45:29 CEST 2007

Shachar Shemesh wrote:
> Ian Stirling wrote:
>> admin at wrote:
>>> Is there any way to place an order now for the public release of the
>>> consumer targeted FIC NEO to come out after September.
>>> I dont want to purchase the current version but want to place an
>>> order asap for the public release version with Wifi etc.
>> The current published date is October.
>> The chance of polished user-ready software, that does significantly
>> more than a Nokia 1100 by then is not extremely high.
> It's not the software I'm worried about, it's the hardware.
> Software can be upgraded after the purchase.
> Shachar
>> Delays are likely.

If FIC is listening, I'm also waiting for the second gen hardware and
would like to see it ship as soon as it's ready.  I don't care if the
software is pretty or even fully functional yet, as long as its upgradeable.


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