An idea of sorts

Knight Walker moko at
Sun Jul 29 02:25:00 CEST 2007

On Sat, 2007-07-28 at 15:36 +0100, Giles Jones wrote:
> ipkg is based on dpkg, it's more lightweight.

It's also a bit more than just a dpkg clone, since it includes
repositories and such.

> Don't get me wrong, we need package management, it's just that I've  
> owned Windows Mobile phones and there's been no easy way to install  
> software when using Linux. Getting a reliable sync solution that  
> works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux is quite a big piece of work and  
> while this is in development it is handy to have an alternative.

ipkg-install (package) isn't easy enough, or a GUI front-end to the

As for sync, since this IS a totally Open project, I'm sure there will
be different alternatives, maybe even one for Linux, one for Mac, and
one for Windows.  It may also be that there are packages required on the
PC side to complete the sync (Some kind of plugin for ActiveSync and
iSync that talks SyncML, or a new profile for iSync for the Moko maybe).

> I'm also wondering how we are going to achieve installing  
> applications on the SD card, have a lib directory and bin directory  
> on there and add these to the paths?

If they base it on ipkg, the way other OpenEmbedded platforms work, when
you insert the card, the OS will check for and add any applications that
are installed on the SD to the program manager.  It's a little more
involved than just adding a lib/bin directory to the respective path,
but it worked well before my Zaurus died.


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