GPS binary for P1 phones?

Peter Monta pmonta at
Fri Jul 27 11:15:26 CEST 2007

I've flashed my new P1 phone with a kernel and root filesystem
from, and now the phone boots
into the Openmoko GUI environment.  So far so good.  But where
can I find the GPS binary ("gllin"?) to play with the GPS?
There's nothing under /home/root/.

There's a worrisome mention in the wiki that FIC can't put
the binary on the net.  But since my phone as shipped had
no root filesystem, was the binary in fact shipped with
the phone itself?

Thanks for any hints.  I've got the advanced kit if it
matters.  Incidentally my first flashing of the root filesystem
resulted in a partially corrupt filesystem (the GUI came
all the way up, but commands like "ls /bin" would result in
jffs2 errors).  A second flashing while hitting the aux button
every five seconds, as the wiki suggests, worked better---no
errors at all now.

Peter Monta

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