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Am Sun, 29 Jul 2007 02:11:19 +0100 schrieb Giles Jones:

> Implement bluetooth HID etc then you can use a bluetooth keyboard.
> Or compile the wii mote code on the phone and use a Wii controller
> (they use bluetooth for all but pointing).

Note that HID already is working with the default Bluez installed on
OpenMoko. I have successfully used the HID application on another phone
(Sony-Ericsson W800i) to appear as a keyboard to my Neo1973.

And yes, incidentally it was to get numeric input into a J2ME
application running on the Neo. I have made a bitbake recipe to build
PhoneME Feature to run directly on the Neo1973 framebuffer, with
pointer input through tslib (see and

The big drawback here is that there is no virtual on-screen keyboard
(though the idea to implement something like this has surfaced in the
phoneme forum approximately in February), so you'll only get pointer
input and can select menu options.

What would be cool would be a phoneme 'port' for X11, so that the
existing on-screen keyboard could be used. Should in principle be easy,
since PhoneME Feature already has all the code to run on bare metal
without any widget system. You'll only have to redirect all the
drawing operations that would normally take place on the framebuffer
into an X11 window.

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