another GPS idea - speed-sensitive voicemail

David S Gathright David.Gathright at
Sun Jul 29 05:44:14 CEST 2007

Some friends at work and I were talking about a speed-sensitive
configuration option, too--one that selects ringing profiles.

For example, when you're at a speed greater than, say, 20 mph, more than
likely you're in a noisy environment and you'd want your phone to ring
slightly louder.  When speeds reach 150 mph, it's a good bet you're in a
plane (or Mario Andretti) and it's time to go to Flight mode (of course,
this is quite a bit later than when they ask for phones to be turned off).

Anyway, I am thinking there might be many uses for speed-based
settings--enough to justify a speed-based 'cron' like utility?  Perhaps...

(my apologies to our non-American colleagues for being mired in english


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> Subject: another GPS idea - speed-sensitive voicemail
> Use case:
>   When I'm walking around, I'll answer the phone.  When I'm driving, I
>   won't (one phonecall == two beers worth of distraction)... but am
>   willing to pull over if the caller thinks it's important enough.
>   I shouldn't have to *tell* the phone what mode I'm in: GPS can
>   provide velocity information.  If my speed is over 10mph, the phone
>   should pick up, dump a pre-recorded explanation to the caller, and
>   let them "press 1 to interrupt the driver, or just wait a few
>   seconds and leave voicemail."
> implies that
> call recording is possible, so the audio paths are there, right?  If
> so, a lot of local voice-robot stuff is possible...
> (And if your thought is "what if I'm a passenger" - the answer is
> "this feature is not for you, it's for me" :-)  (Also, if you're not
> an American, this feature probably isn't for you either :-) :-)
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