Got my phone! + A comment and a Question

Harald Welte laforge at
Sun Jul 29 08:43:28 CEST 2007

On Sat, Jul 28, 2007 at 01:21:00AM -0400, Ken Young wrote:
>    I got my phone, and I'm a happy guy!
>    I learned one thing that might save someone else some time.   I
> initially tried to do the dfu-util downloads of the kernel and
> rootfs from linux running via VMWare on a Windoze host.   Although
> dfu-util definately could talk to the neo, it could not successfully
> download the images.   Once I switched to a native linux box (running
> exactly the same OS version) I had no problems.
>    Something that worries me is that at the end of the "Getting Started
> with your Neo1973" page in the wiki, it suggests backing up the
> original flash contents, because "... there are parts in the root
> filesystem that can't be distributed over internet so they are only found
> in the shipped ROM (see the GPS driver)."   Now these first neos have been
> shipped with no rootfs at all (see   So
> we *have* to overwrite the rootfs before the device will boot.   What
> does that mean vis a vis the parts of the filesystem which can't be
> distributed over the internet?    How do we get those parts?

the information about 'there are parts in the root filesystem...' were
wrong.  I didn't check the revision history who put them there, but
those are not applicable to SH1.

so since there is no rootfs, no need to backup the garbage (or rather:
tons of zeroes) in there.

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