Placing an order for September Release of FIC Neo.

Steve openmokolists at
Sun Jul 29 10:39:04 CEST 2007

Steven ** wrote:
> Ok, no need to worry about non-upgradeability. You can update all the OS
> and apps on the Neo's with the standard USB cable it comes with (or
> possibly even over wifi or bluetooth even).
> I'm also pretty confident that they won't be delaying release of GTA02
> because of software.  As long as the OS is still working (which it would
> seem to be nearly identical to current OS), they'd push it out the
> door.  They may not be pushing it to the wider market, but I'm sure
> they'll have it for sale directly.  I mean, the current version doesn't
> reliably make phone calls and they sold it!

I wasn't worried about the phone not being upgradeable, only that they
would delay release until the software is ready because they keep
touting it as the "mass market release."

The only reason I'm waiting for the 2nd release before I buy is that the
higher speed processor, 2D video accel (yes, 2D, not 3D), and larger
capacity battery is worth the extra $150 to me.  The WiFi doesn't hurt

I am curious to know if they plan to sell the 2nd generation with the
same accessories, and what their plans for 3rd generation on are.


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