3G sim cards

Andy Poling andy at realbig.com
Sun Jul 29 19:51:08 CEST 2007

> Many people (including I) have not been able to get the at&t 3g sim card
> (the one with the "3g fireball") working in our neos. The older cingular
> ones do work (they are "64K smart chip").

I have two cingular "64K smart chip" SIMs that won't work in the neo1973 (CME
10), but they both work in both my razr and sierra ac860 card.

Both SIMs are about 9-10 months old now - maybe they changed a while back
while keeping similar markings?  On the back, one says "3G" (with a tiny "c"
after it) and has the numbers 64205G and 3020.  The other also has 3G(c) and
has 64205O (capital "o") and 4020.

I dug up an old SIM (also cingular) that does work (so I know the GSM chip and
SIM socket aren't faulty), but that account is no longer active.


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