OpenMoko future.

Lars Hallberg lah at
Sun Jul 29 23:58:22 CEST 2007

Sébastien Lorquet skrev:
> (This is a suite to laforge's message on gsmd-devel)
> hello,
> I'm a little disappointed about laforge's message :(

Made me happy... I'm been a little worried by the expectation to sell 
100 of thousand or even millions of units from the start. If they happy 
with geek sail then we geeks will get the time... whether it takes a 
half year or tree years... to make the OpenMoko platform and apps realy 
rock! That increase the likelihood of eventual word domination :-)

While OpenMoko core team have to make a UI and framework good enough for 
geeks, that's the main aria where experimentation is needed so it can 
evolve into something that really rocks.

> Targetting geeks only will never help to make OpenMoko known.

No, not outside the (pretty big) geek scene... but it makes it ready for 
being known :-)

> One important point is reputation. If openmoko is known to be a geek 
> phone no one else will get interested in it.

And exactly that will happen if it is pushed to the masses while not 
really good enough for the masses. Personally I think we will have 
something autumn 2008 or possibly even spring 2008...


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