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I disagree.  I see smartphones on nearly everybody.  Today, I was at a
party, and nearly everyone there had smartphones.  Mommies, engineers and

The key is to make the system easy to use for wide acceptance.  Look at the
iPod.  Stoopid easy to use, but very, very popular.  The iPhone takes it too
far, taking away functionality in favor of ease of use.

The OM can quickly get to a point where it's stable and anybody can use it
for common tasks.  That's all it needs.  The cool point is that it can also
be open, so the fix/improve rate will rapidly outstrip closed phones.

If the ipkg interface is smooth enough, people will start downloading apps
to their phones.  Right now they do this through proprietary connected
sources.  Imagine how quickly viral apps will spread when people get the
idea they are allowed to download new stuff to their phones.

Freeing the phone to be a platform, not just a crude, limited tool is where
this project needs to go.  It may seem like a slow couple of years before
this really infects our entire culture, but I think it's inevitable now.

OM can lead the way.
On 7/29/07, Giles Jones <giles.jones at> wrote:
> On 29 Jul 2007, at 22:58, Lars Hallberg wrote:
> >
> >> One important point is reputation. If openmoko is known to be a
> >> geek phone no one else will get interested in it.
> >
> > And exactly that will happen if it is pushed to the masses while
> > not really good enough for the masses. Personally I think we will
> > have something autumn 2008 or possibly even spring 2008...
> >
> Geeks and techies buy smartphones. other people buy a phone that is
> just a phone and have no need for applications on their phone.
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