Finger Graffiti

Nkoli coomac at
Mon Jul 30 04:35:22 CEST 2007

On 7/29/07, Joe Pfeiffer <joseph at> wrote:
> Michael Welter writes:
> >So, who are they going to sue???
> Who said anything about a lawsuit?  It is their trademark; stepping on
> it would be really rude, no matter who they decided to go after as a
> result.

Interface would be Graffiti-like (I used upper and lowercase G to denote
trademark and such as Giles mentioned). The name would certainly have
nothing to do with Graffiti. The words finger + graffiti just happens to be
the simplest combination to define what I had in mind.

Quikwriting's different-but-easier alphabet implementation is quite
interesting and may be the best way to get good handwriting recognition. I
was thinking handwriting recognition that can be used with fingers because
of all the interest in finger based apps, since most people won't carry
their styli around if the majority of apps are finger based.
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