Finger Graffiti

Jay Vaughan jay at
Mon Jul 30 06:57:50 CEST 2007

> Michael Welter writes:
>> So, who are they going to sue???
> Who said anything about a lawsuit?  It is their trademark; stepping on
> it would be really rude, no matter who they decided to go after as a
> result.

Ah cripes, who freaking *CARES* about the Graffiti trademark .. can't  
you just overlook this highly dubious legal issue for now and try to  
understand the nature of the point the guy is trying to make - that  
he would like developers to consider adding a symbol-based  
recognition system that would be based on finger movements - and  
leave all the high-falutin' {annoyin'} lawyerin' for the birds ..

Honest, you lawyer types are a pain in the ass.  Nobody needs your  
advice until there's actually something tangible going on.  Right  
now, this is just a *technical* discussion, and its getting killed by  
non-sequitur snipes from highly irrelevant positions.  Leave it out.   
Lets try to allow a little creativity, still, in the world, okay?


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