Finger Graffiti

Rod Whitby rod at
Mon Jul 30 07:50:05 CEST 2007

Jay Vaughan wrote:
>> Michael Welter writes:
>>> So, who are they going to sue???
>> Who said anything about a lawsuit?  It is their trademark; stepping on
>> it would be really rude, no matter who they decided to go after as a
>> result.
> Ah cripes, who freaking *CARES* about the Graffiti trademark ..

Hmm ... someone could just as well say:

"Ah cripes, who freaking *CARES* about the OpenMoko trademark .."

Doesn't sound so good when you say it that way, does it?

The thing about trademarks is that if you don't defend them, then you
loose them.

Note that David didn't accuse anyone of breaching trademark rights, he
simply pointed out that OpenMoko (or anyone else for that matter other
than the trademark holder) should be careful not to release any software
package with the trademarked term "Graffiti" in it's name.  And he said
he would only say it once, so as not to annoy people by continually
harping on it.

Don't forget that OpenMoko is a company too.  You can't favour and
protect one companies trademarks and not do the same for another.

-- Rod

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