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Mon Jul 30 12:21:00 CEST 2007

Worrying about worrying about the trademark issue is even more irrelevant.
Pointing things like this out early is a good thing. Further discussion
about the trademark issue isn't necessary, though, it's annoying.


On 7/30/07, Jay Vaughan <jay at> wrote:
> On Jul 30, 2007, at 7:50 AM, Rod Whitby wrote:
> >> Ah cripes, who freaking *CARES* about the Graffiti trademark ..
> > Hmm ... someone could just as well say:
> > "Ah cripes, who freaking *CARES* about the OpenMoko trademark .."
> >
> Is someone actually developing something which uses the OpenMoko
> properties?  I don't think so.
> > Doesn't sound so good when you say it that way, does it?
> >
> I'm not saying don't be "trademark-sensitive", I'm saying that
> worrying about the Graffiti trademark is irrelevant, because nobody
> is putting, actually, Graffiti into anything.  There are plenty of
> Graffiti alternatives around .. it just happens that Graffiti is what
> people know "finger painting on your PDA" to be .. its common enough
> to warrant usage as a word referring to the activity of finger-
> painting symbols for recognition on a devices surface.  Graffiti,
> itself, is useless to us.  Similar techniques which do not violate
> anyones rights are useful; to discuss, to implement, and hopefully to
> use.
> > Note that David didn't accuse anyone of breaching trademark rights, he
> > simply pointed out that OpenMoko (or anyone else for that matter other
> > than the trademark holder) should be careful not to release any
> > software
> > package with the trademarked term "Graffiti" in it's name.  And he
> > said
> > he would only say it once, so as not to annoy people by continually
> > harping on it.
> >
> It would have been wonderful advice if there is actually some release
> going on.
> > Don't forget that OpenMoko is a company too.  You can't favour and
> > protect one companies trademarks and not do the same for another.
> >
> I don't care about the trademark issue until there is actually
> something to attach a mark to.  So far, there is nothing in this
> direction.  All I care about is that the technical creativity not be
> stifled by legalese so soon in the game ..
> ;
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