GTA01 first impressions

Mikko J Rauhala mjrauhal at
Mon Jul 30 13:28:01 CEST 2007

I just got my Neo (yay)!

First impressions: Flashing is frustratingly slow when you want to get
tinkering ;) But really, the phone itself is a lot faster than I
expected what with all the complaints; granted, optimizations may have
crept in since then, but anyway I didn't feel it especially painful to
use. Now, I'm used to the s60 N-gage, which may blind me to the lack of
instant snappiness which _was_ present. ;] So it's not like it couldn't
use improvement, just that it's not _that_ bad, IMAO. Of course, I
haven't used it much yet, so my mileage may vary.

I managed to even make a call. Well, three, but the first were quite
silent. I loaded up the ALSA mobile phone profile settings and called
again, this time from the libgsm-cli (though apparently the calls from
GUI did also go through, just with the silence). This resulted in
massive feedback, but some words were able to be transmitted. On IRC a
developer who shall remain anonymous mentioned that oh yeah, he'd had a
phone with the earpiece shot, so he put the audio out of the stereo
speakers (_right_ next to the mic) instead, and that seems to have ended
up in a root image... At least there should be easy to fix then ;) For
now, got a prepaid SIM for my Neo playing, not replacing my usual phone
_just_ yet.

USB networking works out of the box (well, after flashing), which is
nice. Oh, and the Freedom Mini Bluetooth keyboard did snap, with its
spring-hinge, the Neo solidly enough. Neo's bluetooth seemed disabled
when I tried to run hidd, and I left it at that for now (BT was
recognized during bootup, though, so I don't think it's faulty, probably
just needs enabling).

Further tinkering will have to wait until tonight. Thanks to the team;
it's been a rocky road (I'm sure I don't even know how rocky exactly),
and longer than expected, but a significant milestone has been reached.
And it don't seem half bad.

Mikko J Rauhala <mjrauhal at>
University of Helsinki

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