Finger Graffiti

Jay Vaughan jay at
Mon Jul 30 16:02:07 CEST 2007

> I just think it's a bit rich to be following this project if you  
> don't care about creative freedom. I'd much sooner create a new  
> input system anyway.

i'm rather fond of using xyz position sensors to roll balls around  
word-chains, myself .. in my opinion there definitely ought to be  
more 'game' in the interface of handheld toys, and we all know games  
riff and rip freely at great will, regardless of mark nor trade.

that said, i don't really think the limits have even been moderately  
primped in regards to handling the touch-screen in responsive ways.   
yes, stylus+WIMP==short-term hack but deep down inside we all long  
for the true death of windows (based GUI's) in the pocket.

as we are definitely seeing around the gadget-sphere, any action that  
comes naturally for the user is far more progressively used. the  
iPhone, for example, is definitely one for wankers and twiddlers, if  
you'll pardon my deutsch ..


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